Southern California Travel Guide

Recently I took a week long trip to the absolutely stunning Southern California. Asides from its obviously beautiful beaches and mountains, there was so many fun places to see and explore. In this blog post I’ll be sharing with you my must see places in Southern California!

The first place I went to after I arrived in LAX was Huntington Beach! The waves were HUGE and so much fun to swim in! I also loved all of the cute (and very practical) lifeguard stands that lined the  shores of the beach. Another favorite was the pier! It was absolutely massive and so cool to walk on and under.


Another favorite place of mine was The Aquarium of the Pacific. Not only does it house thousands of different aquatic species, but was also where the movie Finding Dory was based off of!


Another must go place is Hollywood. Although it’s heavily populated by tourists, it was so cool to see the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign, and the Chinese Theatre. It’s a great place to take lots of pictures and do some tacky souvenir shopping!


Saving the best for last is the Pacific Coast Highway. I wrote this on a bucket list I made a couple years ago and never thought I’d actually be able to go! The scenery is absolutely stunning and the drive is so peaceful and calming. I wouldn’t mind driving that everyday with the ocean to my left and the mountains to my right! Along the highway we also stopped to grab lunch at a cute restaurant in Malibu called Duke’s. The food was amazing and the views were even better! I also highly recommend ordering the Hula Pie for dessert.


Like most young adults, I can’t afford to pay outrageous amounts of money on decorating my apartment. However, cute decor doesn’t have to be expensive! By going to thrift stores, Dollar General, Hobby Lobby, and a few other places, I was able to create my dream gallery wall/apartment decor without breaking the bank! Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to throw together some awesome DIY decor that looks way more expensive than it actually was.
For my gallery wall, I bought gold picture frames from Dollar General and a local thrift shop. In total, I spent less than $5 for all the frames! Talk about a steal!! Next, I printed off some of my favorite quotes and pictures to fill the frames. To me, a gallery wall is such a great decor idea because you can totally personalize it to make it unique to you! For my gallery wall, I knew I wanted to add more than just picture frames, so I bought the initial letter G, a small wooden plaque, and a cross from Hobby Lobby. I painted both the G and the cross with white acrylic paint, then using a gold paint pen I added little details to it (totally inspired by Urban Outfitters decor, just cheaper!) Once I had all of the pieces finished for the gallery wall, it was time to hang it all up! I kind of just freehanded it but using a tape measurer would ensure that everything is perfectly straight and lined up. To adhere the frames and other decor pieces to the wall, I used command tape which works perfectly for this project! I am totally obsessed with how it turned out!!
As far as desk decor, I bought the succulents at Dollar General, as well as a clear mason jar. Once I added some gold polka dots to the jar I used it as a pencil holder!
I hope some of you guys found this helpful and if you have any blog post requests please leave them below! 🙂